Can braids be let out on the Toni wigs?

The braids can be undone, but as you probably already noticed, there is a center part going all the way down the back. If you did unbraid the hair, all the strands would sort of fluff up and would hide some of the part, but probably not all of the part.

I played around with this wig once and took the braids out. I gently combed as much of the hair as I could over the part. Taking a small clump of hair from the front of both sides of the wig, I braided each clump which I then pulled to the center of the back. I stitched the braids to the wig and sewed a flower and ribbon over the stitching. You could still see a little of the center part at the crown of the head where the hairs were a little straighter but the rest of the wig looked very nice with wavy hair topped by the 2 little braids. Give it a try. You can always rebraid the hair if you don't like the way it looks.