How can I restyle this wig?

This question has been asked about a number of wig styles. So here are some general rules.

To straighten or curl hair, heat must be applied to the strands. Since this is synthetic hair, it will melt with too much heat. Curling irons are usually too hot to use for this process. If you have any of the old steam curlers, they would work to curl the hair.

The easiest and most effective way we’ve found to curl or straighten wigs is to use boiled water. If you want to straighten the hair, undo any braids or remove any elastic. If you want to curl the hair, you can use curlers, perm rods or bobby pins to set curls. Boil a pot of water large enough to hold the wig. As soon as it starts boiling, take the water off the heat then use tongs to plunge the wig into the just boiled water. Remove quickly. You might have to do this a few times to set the curls or straighten the hair. Don’t leave the wig in boiling water as it could start to melt.