How do I know what size wig I need?

measuring a dolls head
To measure the circumference of the dolls head, begin at the middle of the forehead at the hairline. Go under the top of the ears - don't measure over the ears - and to the back of the head at the hairline. Then work your way around the other side under the top of the ears and back to the starting point on the forehead.

Think of the wig as a bowl setting on top of the head. Measure in a straight line and don't measure on top of existing hair unless you plan to put the wig over the old hair. For example, if the measurement is 12 inches, you need a wig size that has 12 in it, like an 11-12 or 12-13. If the measurement is12.5 inches you would probably need the 12-13 size. Hope this helps.

I want to put this wig on my daughter. How do I know what size to get?

Hmmm.... your doll will look kind of funny bald, no?

You would need to measure your child's head to know what size you need. The largest wigs we have are 15-16 with a few 16-17. Her head could well be larger than that. These wigs are made for dolls who won't complain about itching or seams poking into their heads. But for your daughter they might be very uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend any of these wigs for a human child.

Does this wig have an elastic band to hold it onto the doll’s head?

This wig is constructed on a wig cap made of stretchy fabric. It does have some give to it. There is no elastic band that can be adjusted on this wig, or on any Global Dolls wig.

I ordered a size 9-10 wig, why did I get a size 22-25?

This is a common question. The wig size 22-25 is a metric number, because these wigs were sold in Australia as well as the U.S. We Americans get confused by the metric measurements. Your wig is a 9-10 in inches and should fit your doll.

How do I attach this wig?

Pretty much any white glue, such as Ailene's Tacky glue, should work. Spread a thin layer all over the head, then turn the wig inside out. Match up the crown of the head to the crown of the wig and roll the wig onto the head. Be careful not to get the hair into the glue. Also be sure to use a thin layer of glue so the glue doesn’t ooze out of the wig cap.

You can also attach self sticking Velcro to the head and wig to keep the wig on then it’s easy to change styles if your doll wants a new “doo”.

Can the Carlotta wig or any of the Global wigs be brushed and styled by a child?

This wig can be brushed, very carefully. Most little ones are not patient enough to take the time to start brushing from the bottom up and slowly so as to avoid making tangles. It can be braided but since the wig is made of synthetic fibers, the curls would need to be heat treated to change from curly to straight or to add curls. So to answer your question, while this wig (and most Global wigs) can be brushed and restyled, it would be too difficult for a child to do.

Will Art of Dolls ship outside the U.S.?

I am from Australia, Canada or Europe and want to buy one of your wigs but eBay won’t let me since you don’t sell to buyers outside of the US. Can I buy a wig and have it sent to my friend in the US?

Yes, you could but please understand that the wig wouldn't get to you as quickly as it would if mailed directly to you. Ebay rewards good sellers with discounts based on the ratings that come with the feedback system. One of the ratings is shipping time. Since the post office typically is slower this holiday time of year and your wig will not be coming directly to you, you could justifiably give a low rating for shipping time which could affect our seller discount.

My mother always said; if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. If you are unhappy with the shipping time, please take my mother's advice. But if you are pleased with the whole transaction, we love to get 5 star ratings.

How can I restyle this wig?

This question has been asked about a number of wig styles. So here are some general rules.

To straighten or curl hair, heat must be applied to the strands. Since this is synthetic hair, it will melt with too much heat. Curling irons are usually too hot to use for this process. If you have any of the old steam curlers, they would work to curl the hair.

The easiest and most effective way we’ve found to curl or straighten wigs is to use boiled water. If you want to straighten the hair, undo any braids or remove any elastic. If you want to curl the hair, you can use curlers, perm rods or bobby pins to set curls. Boil a pot of water large enough to hold the wig. As soon as it starts boiling, take the water off the heat then use tongs to plunge the wig into the just boiled water. Remove quickly. You might have to do this a few times to set the curls or straighten the hair. Don’t leave the wig in boiling water as it could start to melt.

Can ponytails on the Janey wig be let out?

They can be undone but there is still the issue of the center part. You could carefully lower the rubber bands so that the ponytails are at the neck instead of at the top of the head. Or for a different look you can braid the ponytails.

Can braids be let out on the Toni wigs?

The braids can be undone, but as you probably already noticed, there is a center part going all the way down the back. If you did unbraid the hair, all the strands would sort of fluff up and would hide some of the part, but probably not all of the part.

I played around with this wig once and took the braids out. I gently combed as much of the hair as I could over the part. Taking a small clump of hair from the front of both sides of the wig, I braided each clump which I then pulled to the center of the back. I stitched the braids to the wig and sewed a flower and ribbon over the stitching. You could still see a little of the center part at the crown of the head where the hairs were a little straighter but the rest of the wig looked very nice with wavy hair topped by the 2 little braids. Give it a try. You can always rebraid the hair if you don't like the way it looks.